Video Matters

on Monday, 28 July 2014.

Let Video Talk for You!

Let me ask a simple question...would you rather read a website or have a video introduce you to what you came to the website for in the first place?

Let’s say it’s a first time visit, you know very little about this company other than they offer "x" types of services. There may be several companies that offer the same type of services, so what makes this one different? It's a nice web site, layed out very thoughtfully, but there's something missing. Out of necessity, every website has text, some have a lot of text and pretty pictures. But still, something's missing. 

Here's where a video comes in. Why Video? Because it matters, it matters a lot. From an SEO (search engine optimization) ranking Google loves videos.

Let's say website A is all text, no video. Website B is text + a 30 second video. You would have to have 1.8 million words to equal the ranking SEO power of that 60 second video...REALLY? Yes, and if you double that, with a 2 minute video you're equal to 3.6 million words. How would you like to read that website? 

You're starting to see a reason for video, but here other reasons. Video introduces you to  potential clients in a way words can't. By cross platforming your video from YouTube and linking to your website or Facebook page you are raising your Google rankings. All of these pages collectively help to grow your SEO rankings, something words on your website can't  come close to accomplishing.

In addition, a video is a capsule of real time life. In it we see your heart, your passion and reasons you're in business. It all comes through with how you talk about your business and this allows your potential customers to get to know you without ever setting foot in the door. It reaches out and is available 365 days a year 24/7. 

In a study by Aberdeen Group based on 400,000 website visitors, sites without video had 2,587 Qualified Leads versus 4,282 Qualified Leads of websites with videos. A nearly 100% increase in qualified leads. 

Website videos are the easiest, most cost effective way to tell your story while increasing your SEO rankings. If you're looking for a higher level of engagement, more qualified customers and want to increase your ability to integrate socially let's talk about how video can help your business. 



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