Klem Daniels Productions offers a variety of Video and Audio Services. Located in W. Seattle we take projects from A to Z and begin by simply talking with you to find out your purpose, the audience you're targeting, what is your vision, how do you plan to distribute, what is your timeframe and budget? We want to know as much about you and your project as possible before we take the next steps.

It's production with an emphasis on preparing the lights, the audio gear and cameras...not to mention the set and talent. Every detail ready to go when the time comes.

Post Production is where the magic happens. This is the stage where all of the raw HD footage comes to life to create something spectacular for your web site, or Television commercial, Trade show piece or a new promotion video to bring you up to date and share with your clients where you are with your business.

Contact Klem Daniels Productions when you're ready to work with a skilled, creative, energetic, media production team.

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Video Production

We offer creative services from a team of experts to develop and bring your story to life. Concept Development, Storyboarding, Script Writing, Talent and Location Search...and that's just the beginning. High Caliber productions  through every stage from Pre to Post. 

Regardless of the format or genre, our creative services team approaches every project the same way; tell the most compelling story possible. 

Klem Daniels Productions works with a variety of clients: Washington Federal and Vulcan, Inc., Parent Trust for Washington Children, American Safari Cruises, Fusion Happens and many more. No matter how large a company we can offer a package that fits your budget.  

Corporate Videos

Klem Daniels Productions creates videos for Product Launches, Award Shows, Live Streaming, Corporate Meetings, Publicity, Web Services. We're a small shop with a lot of connections when it comes to adding a specialists or two. Whatever the job requires from scripting, directing, shooting, editing to hiring talent, shoot location, multi-camera projects...well, you get the idea.  

Website Videos

Nothing drives traffic, builds rapport or generates interest like a great video about your business on your website. At KDP, we are highly skilled storytellers and visionaries who can tell your story or get your primary messages across to viewers easily, effectively and creatively through video.

Introduce yourself to your potential customers and colleagues without breaking your budget. Website video is the triple threat you've been waiting for and a great complement to the written messages across your website.  

Product Videos and New Product Launches

If you have a new or long-standing product or service to sell, short videos (:15 to :90 seconds) can dramatically boost sales, website visits and brand awareness. You can host the video on YouTube or Vimeo, embed on your website and enable easy sharing on social media.

Training Videos

It’s never been easier to train employees in the field and around the world with instructional and training videos from Klem Daniels Productions. Shooting can take place on-location, or we can film talent in studio using green screen. With engaging whiteboard graphics, we make even the most complex information easy to understand and remember.             

Sound Design

Klem Daniels Productions also offers a full-suite of audio production services, so your videos sound as good as they look. We will fully manage the creation and acquisition of sound on-site, music beds, special effects, voice talent, script writing and more.

KlemCAST: Small Footprint, Big Picture

Multi-Camera video for company events and live streaming

      -Consider what hundreds of other businesses are doing with Video.

      -Share your message, meeting or share holder event with your employees wherever they are.  

      -Reach more people, including those who couldn't attend your live event in person. 

KlemCAST invites audiences around the world to attend your event via a Live Streaming Webcast!

KlemCAST is an affordable, non-intrusive way to have multi-camera coverage for a fraction of a full-crew video shoot. Your event is  simply captured and presented at a later date to review or post on a web site or, live streamed as the event happens, just like a live TV show.

You've seen those camera people wandering all over, distracting your speaker and audience?KlemCAST eliminates that concerning problem.  We're non-intrusive because we use remote controlled PZT HD cameras. We're able to place cameras often where no videoghrapher is allowed to go during an event.

How it Works:

The KlemCAST Mobile TV Studio is non-invasive, discreetly delivering the high quality production values of a multi-camera crew. By using remote camera operation, KDP trims your budget and staffs accordingly based on the needs of your event. We can put cameras where videographers can't go. We'll capture every moment to tell your event's full story, whether it's an audience reaction from the sidelines or the speaker moving around the stage and around the room.

Have an important meeting your satellite offices can't attend? Don't leave them in the dark,; bring them into the moment using KlemCAST as the live stream provider.

KlemCAST captures the organic event experience without the audience feeling like they're watching a staged-for-TV production. Our job is to make the magic happen behind the scenes AND ensure everything goes smoothly for you and your event.

KlemCAST is ideal for live-streaming events and/or the fast delivery of edited video packages for PR newsfeeds & downloads.